Paleo Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe |

50+ Paleo Cookie Recipes for an Epic Christmas Cookie Exchange

I have a confession: I’ve never participated in a Christmas Cookie Exchange. (I’ve been to one cookie baking party, but I’m not sure if that counts or not.)

Growing up, I’d hear all about them… but for whatever reason, my family never participated.

SO, I thought you could help me remedy the situation. After all, we’re all friends here! And I even did the hard part. I found 50+ paleo cookie recipes we can all share.

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Top 9 Books of 2018 - image of books stacked on top of each other |

Top 9 Books of 2018

As we inch closer to a new year, I’m sharing my top 9 books of 2018 with all of you!

In between wedding photography, testing and photographing recipes, writing blog posts, playing video game with the man spouse, and lifting weights at the gym, I consider myself a fairly avid reader.

Around 3rd grade, I declared to my parents that I wanted to be a book editor simply because I wanted to read for a living. That ship sailed once I realized that reading isn’t all a book editor does!

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