How to Make Hashbrowns at Home |

How To Make Killer Hashbrowns at Home

Ever wondered how to make hashbrowns at home?

Not just hashbrowns, but killer homemade hashbrowns? Hashbrowns you’re actually proud of?

I have too. I spent the past year devoting each slow weekend morning to trying to make diner-worthy hashbrowns at home. See, I love breakfast food. Downright adore it. I am completely willing to wake up a little early on a Sunday just to beat the rush of church-going families at our favorite local diner.

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Paleo Sautéed Mushrooms with Garlic & Thyme |

Easy Sautéed Mushrooms with Garlic & Thyme

I often use mushrooms as an ingredient in a casserole or frittata, but in this easy Sautéed Mushrooms with Garlic & Thyme recipe, they’re the star of the show.

Seriously, healthy mushroom recipes are so incredibly simple! With just four ingredients, you’ll have a flavorful side dish in less than 10 minutes. As usual around here, these sautéed mushrooms are paleo and gluten free. But beyond that, they’re Whole30, clean eating friendly, and vegetarian. Granted, it’s not hard to fit a bunch of labels when the recipe has under 5 ingredients… But worth mentioning nonetheless!

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