Warm Fall Harvest Salad with Kale, Delicata Squash, and Prosciutto | DoYouEvenPaleo.net

Warm Fall Harvest Salad

Fall is officially here—at least in my kitchen. What better way to kick off the season than with a hearty and warm Fall Harvest Salad?

I based this salad heavily off of another favorite: Warm Winter Kale and Delicata Squash Salad with Maple Vinaigrette. Yeah, that’s a mouthful, I know…that’s why this recipe has a much shorter title! Just like the recipe I posted last year, this fall harvest salad starts with kale and delicata squash. But this time, I added apples, walnuts, and crispy prosciutto—essentially a trifecta of sweet and salty autumn flavor.

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Sautéed Zucchini Noodles with Basil, Pine Nuts, and Olives | DoYouEvenPaleo.net

Sautéed Zucchini Noodles with Basil, Pine Nuts, and Olives

I don’t know about you, but I’m drowning in summer’s bounty of zucchini. The solution? An incredibly simple side dish like Sautéed Zucchini Noodles with Basil, Pine Nuts, and Olives!

Think you need a spiralizer for veggie noodles? Think again. These gorgeous zucchini ribbons don’t require special equipment beyond something you likely already have in your kitchen—a vegetable peeler. I used the same method in my crazy popular Carrot Ribbons with Rosemary Butter Sauce recipe, and it’s high time I use it again.

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Thai Cabbage Salad with Sunbutter Dressing | DoYouEvenPaleo.net

Thai Cabbage Salad with Sunbutter Dressing

Looking for something crunchy, fresh, and veggie-licious? You’re going to want to toss this Thai Cabbage Salad with Sunbutter Dressing together.

This recipe is the second in a series of Sunbutter recipes I made with Kylee of Kai Fitness! The other two recipes are a simple, creamy Sunbutter Fruit Dip and fudgy Sunbutter Sweet Potato Brownies.

I cook a lot (go figure) and I’m constantly putting together new recipes (again, go figure). But I can attest, without a doubt, that this Thai cabbage salad is one of my favorite creations to date.

Quick note: Kylee asked me to create a recipe or two for the giveaway. This post isn’t sponsored by Sunbutter, but the giveaway is.

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Mediterranean Watermelon Salad | DoYouEvenPaleo.net

Mediterranean Watermelon Salad

Summer is here and 4th of July is just around the corner—my Mediterranean Watermelon Salad is perfect for both!

I originally made this salad in 2016 for a cookout with friends. I wasn’t sure what the reaction would be (I honestly threw the ingredients together willy-nilly) but everyone enthusiastically gobbled it up. Soon my guests asked for the recipe. For a food blogger, that’s a sure sign you’ve got a winning combo on your hands!

I jotted down what I remembered and vowed to make it again. But autumn came too quickly and I missed the window for summery watermelon recipes. Once summer rolled around this year, I was itching to recreate this recipe.

It’s finally ready for you!

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Tostones with Blender Mango Salsa | DoYouEvenPaleo.net

Tostones with Blender Mango Salsa

Considering this blog is flooded with plantain recipes, it might surprise you that this is the first time I’ve posted a recipe for tostones! And since I’ve kept you waiting, I’ll sweeten the deal with a quick and easy Blender Mango Salsa to dip the tostones in.

Not that you need to dip tostones. They’re absolutely brilliant on their own, too.

What are tostones? Essentially they’re twice-fried plantains, a piece of Puerto Rican culinary genius. I’d guess tostones are most peoples’ first venture into the wonderful world of plantains. Not hard, simple ingredient list, but oh-so-addictive. Once you get on the tostone train, it’s difficult to get off.

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