Paleo Blueberry Protein Muffin Recipe

Paleo Blueberry Protein Muffin Recipe

Paleo Blueberry Protein Muffins — my first flashback recipe on DYEP!

Made with protein powder and no added sugar, these dairy free paleo protein muffins are healthy and protein-packed. But, more importantly, they’re GOOD. With a light, cakey texture, this updated version improves tremendously on the old one, which happens to be one of the first recipes I ever posted!

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Paleo Chocolate Tahini Spread Recipe Image |

Chocolate Tahini Spread

Glossy and luxurious, this dark chocolate tahini spread is like getting a text from your love or bestie telling you how awesome you are. It’s guaranteed to brighten up your day and make you smile!

After my paleo tahini chocolate chip cookies recipe from earlier this year, I kept exploring the sweet possibilities of sesame seed paste. What other ways could I turn this somewhat bitter seed butter into a decadent treat?

Turns out I didn’t have to explore very much. By adding just a few ingredients to tahini, you get this simple paleo chocolate tahini spread. A paleo, gluten free, keto-friendly, vegan seed butter treat that’ll have you dunking your spoon again… And again… And again.

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Paleo Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe |

Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is it. It’s only March, but these Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies are my dessert of the year.

If you love tahini and you’ve never had it in chocolate chip cookie form, drop everything you’re doing right now and make this recipe.

These cookies are phenomenal. Typically, I’m a little more humble about my baking prowess, but these paleo tahini chocolate chip cookies may seriously take the cake for my favorite cookie of all time.

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