15 Whole30 Dressings and Sauces for Max Flavor

No more boring, bland meals! I’ve rounded up a collection of Whole30 Dressings and Sauces from some of my favorite bloggers to make sure you’re always stocked with a way to spice up your meals.

Spices, sauces, and dressings are the BEST way to make sure you don’t get bored with your meals.

From classics like paleo mayo and ranch dressing to more unique creations like ginger scallion sauce, I’ve rounded up a broad variety of paleo dressing and sauce recipes for you!

Let’s dive on in. And, of course, let me know—which is your favorite?

15 Whole30 Dressings and Sauces for Max Flavor


Ginger Scallion Sauce

Ginger scallion sauce is one of my FAVORITE ways to add flavor to a meal! This stuff is excellent slathered on chicken or pork chops, but I've also added it to salads and roasted veggies for a boost of flavor.

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Thai Almond Butter Sauce by Sweet Lizzy

Photo Credit: sweetlizzy.ca

Add a Thai spin to salads with this simple almond butter-based sauce!

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Paleo Mayo by The Movement Menu

Photo Credit: themovementmenu.com

Many sauces in this roundup use mayonnaise as a base. This is a foolproof recipe for Whole30 Mayo!

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Homemade Ketchup by Thyme and Joy

Photo Credit: thymeandjoy.com

It's hard to find Whole30-friendly ketchup, so why not make it at home? It's easier than you think!

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Easy Peach Barbecue Sauce

This smokey-sweet barbecue sauce uses only peaches to sweeten it. You need this around for all your summer grilling!

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Whole30 Ranch Dressing by Ana Ankeny

Photo Credit: anaankeny.com

Ah, the classics! Got to have an option for Whole30 ranch! I don't need to tell you all the things you can use a favorite like this for.

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Spicy Garlic Aioli from The Bettered Blondie

Photo Credit: thebetteredblondie.com

This easy spicy garlic aioli needs only 5 ingredients! A sauce like this is perfect for dipping veggies or jazzing up chicken and other meats.

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Creamy Cauliflower "Cheese" Sauce

With pureed cauliflower as a base, this "cheese" sauce is a nutritious dairy-free version of alfredo. Put it on steamed broccoli or pour it over zoodles!

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Green Tahini Sauce from Tasty Yummies

Photo Credit: tasty-yummies.com

This simple green tahini sauce makes a perfect mate for salads or roasted veggies.

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Thousand Island Sauce from Little Bits Of

Photo Credit: littlebitsof.com

If you're a thousand island fan, this recipe's for you! A Whole30 version of the salad classic, it requires just a handful of ingredients.

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Cultured Dairy Free Sour Cream by Minimalist Baker

Photo Credit: minimalistbaker.com

Missing sour cream? Try this dairy free version! Perfect for a comforting bowl of Whole30 chili.

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Homemade Red Enchilada Sauce

Homemade enchilada sauce is surprisingly easy and dang, does it deliver amazing flavor!

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Garlicky Whole30 Roasted Red Pepper Sauce by What Great Grandma Ate

Photo Credit: whatgreatgrandmaate.com

Smokey and addictive, this roasted red pepper sauce can kick up roasted veggies, veggie noodles, or meats.

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Paleo Tzatziki Sauce by The Real Food RDs

Photo Credit: therealfoodrds.com

You need to have tzatziki in your life. This cool cucumber sauce is traditionally paired with Greek and Mediterranean fare, but you can literally put this on anything!

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Whole30 Sriracha by 40 Aprons

Photo Credit: 40aprons.com

Let's spice things up, shall we? Whole30 sriracha packs heat and flavor even in small doses.

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15 Whole30 Sauces & Dressings for Max Flavor PIN
15 Whole30 Sauces & Dressings PIN


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