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Hi, internet friend! I’m Chelsea, and I think life should be full of flavor.

Chelsea @ DoYouEvenPaleo.net

I started DoYouEvenPaleo.net to document my quest for flavor on my plate and in my life. I want to create meals that are nourishing and satisfying — but not boring.

For too long, I thought my life was bland. I felt directionless, unmotivated, and purposeless. Maybe you can relate?

Eventually, I realized I couldn’t wait for life to change around me — I made my own changes. Learning some cooking skills, revamping my diet, and joining CrossFit added some much-needed spice to my life.

Now I like passing time in the kitchen, coming up with new recipes that don’t skimp on flavor but do pass on the junk. The recipes here are primarily paleo because that’s what works well for my body, but I hope that doesn’t turn you away. Like I said, life should be full of flavor — and my recipes fit the bill even though they’re free from grains, gluten, legumes, sugar, soy, dairy, and preservatives.

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Want to know more? Here’s the Do You Even Paleo backstory:

In May 2013, I was going through a rough patch in my life. After dealing with far too much drama, I found myself depressed and struggling with the bottomed-out self esteem that had plagued me my entire life. I’d had enough of feeling like life was a burden. While browsing the internet, I happened to see a quote that resonated with me: “When I loved myself enough, I began leaving whatever wasn’t healthy.” Within the same week, I discovered what Paleo and CrossFit were. I kept reading peoples’ anecdotes about them – how, after going Paleo/starting CrossFit (or both), they felt happy, empowered, invigorated. That’s what I wanted in my life! I promptly signed up for a local CrossFit box and cleaned out my pantry. Grains, gluten, legumes, sugar, soy, dairy, and preservatives were all purged.

Snatch Set-up

Those actions changed my life.

About a year after finding CrossFit and Paleo, I realized I needed a new hobby. I’ve always been interested in blogging, so that’s where I turned! I started this website as an outlet for me to share recipes, knowledge, and whatever my innocent heart desires.

While I am not a nutritionist, dietitian, or even something close, I hope that what I share on this website is helpful to someone wanting to make healthier decisions just like I sought to do. Or someone who just wants to make really good food. No, I don’t have a fancy camera.  I do the best I can with what I have.  Maybe someday, though!

Thanks for taking the time to read! If you’d like to contact me for any reason (sponsorship, guest blogging, or just to chat), please contact me at chelsea(at)doyouevenpaleo.net.

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