Quick and Easy Whole30 Skillet Steak Fajitas

Easy Whole30 Skillet Steak Fajitas

On the list of quick and easy weeknight meals, this Whole30 Skillet Steak Fajitas recipe is top of the line.

Fajitas don’t need a lengthy marinade to sport top-notch flavor. In my version, the skirt steak gets a quick rub-down with a simple spice paste. Then the skillet makes quick work of the rest of the meal!

And fajita leftovers? Always welcome. That’s why this skillet steak fajitas recipe is great for meal prep, too!

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How to Build an Epic Gluten Free Charcuterie Board

How to Build an Epic Gluten Free Charcuterie Board

You’ve seen those gorgeous, colorful, meticulously-styled gluten free charcuterie boards floating around Pinterest and Instagram. And you’ve likely wondered “how the hell do they pull that off?”

At the beginning of the year, I threw a holiday soiree for our friends. Partially because hanging out with friends is awesome. And partially (selfishly) because I wanted an excuse to try my hand at building a beautiful gluten free charcuterie board.

What did I discover? It’s not as hard as I expected.

In fact, once I built my first board, crafting more has been downright easy.

But since posting my own creations on Instagram, I’ve gotten numerous requests from my internet friends and IRL friends to put together a tutorial so they can build epic charcuterie boards to delight and awe their friends and family, too.

This tutorial will show you how to build an epic gluten free charcuterie board — from planning what to include, balancing flavors and textures, and styling the board for the biggest visual impact.

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