Maple Bacon Sweet Potato Biscuits |

Maple Bacon Sweet Potato Biscuits (Gluten Free)

All these maple bacon sweet potato biscuits need is a smear of maple ghee or a heaping serving of paleo sausage gravy on top and we’re in breakfast heaven.

I used to consider myself a decent amateur baker…until I went paleo. Paleo baking is an entirely different beast. And since baked goods rarely align with my typical nutrient-dense meals anyway, I simply haven’t spent much time trying to get the hang of paleo baking. I mean, there are many talented paleo/gluten free bakers out there—I can leave that stuff to them.

But every once in a while, I get the urge to bake again; I find it relaxing in many ways. After a few different attempts at making sweet potato biscuits, this recipe seemed to be the clear winner.

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Sausage Gravy over Breakfast Potatoes |

Paleo Sausage Gravy over Breakfast Potatoes

Are you down for some homemade paleo sausage gravy? How about paleo sausage gravy smothering a heaping pile of breakfast potatoes? If not, I suggest you GTFO because that’s all I’ve got for you today.

St. Patrick’s Day is in two days and I wanted to create a recipe that isn’t green but that you can still enjoy and feel like you’re celebrating the holiday. So what better than a thick, hearty gravy served over potatoes?

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Stuffed Salmon (Two Ways) |

Stuffed Salmon (Two Ways)

I hope you’re a fan of fish, because after making stuffed salmon you’ll want it all. the. time.

This is one of those showstopper recipes that seems extremely fancy when you serve it, but in reality it’s quite easy and insanely versatile. Even though the recipe below will show you the two ways I prepared it, there are really endless possibilities. And I’ll give you a few more ideas for filling the salmon (that I haven’t tested, but I can bet will be good), that you can easily pull off on your own using the same method. So read on and enjoy.

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Carrot Ribbons with Rosemary Butter Sauce |

Carrot Ribbons with Rosemary Butter Sauce

How fun does this recipe sound? I mean, who hasn’t fantasized about eating ribbons?!

Admittedly, not me. But my cat has. Waffles (yes, that’s the name of one of my cats) loves Christmastime solely for the ribbons involved. He doesn’t eat them, but damn does he love chewing on them. So he would probably go apeshit over this recipe if I actually wanted to feed my cat carrot ribbons with rosemary butter. Fat chance that I’m going to let him eat off of my plate, though.

Whoops – *sigh*. Somehow I always make the conversation about my cats. Let’s get back to the food, shall we?

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Flourless Cherry Plantain Muffins |

Flourless Cherry Plantain Muffins

I’ve been in a bit of a cooking rut lately. Luckily, these cherry plantain muffins happened and I finally have a new recipe to share!

It should be no surprise that I have yet another plantain recipe to share. I’m going to guess about 40% of my recipes use plantains in some way. Okay, that’s a big percentage…maybe not that much. But still. The point is – I love plantains.

When I buy plantains, I tend to buy a lot. Like, anywhere between 6 and a dozen at a time. In Fargo, ND, you can’t always expect to find certain things in the produce aisle, and plantains are one of those things. To top it off, the only grocery stores that carry them lately are the stores I don’t typically shop at, so I have to go out of my way to track down plantains.

So when I get them, I get a bunch.

And then I experiment.

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