Silky Butternut Squash & Apple Soup |

Silky Butternut Squash & Apple Soup with Toasted Pecans

Depending on the outcome of Groundhog Day, it’s a little late in the season to be eating butternut squash & apple soup. If there are six more weeks of winter to look forward to, though, this silky soup is ideal.

Ah, Groundhog Day. That strange holiday where we depend on a single mammal to predict the weather. Does anyone know why this is still a thing? I mean I understand the historical significance. Still, it seems weird that on this one day, we throw on some science-and-common-sense-blocking glasses and pretend that we really trust what Punxsutawney Phil does. I mean, the little ground squirrel is only right about 39% of the time. Less than 50% is less than chance! How many other historical traditions have been tossed out because they’re incredibly ridiculous? Why do we hold on this this one?

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No, I'm Not Perfect Paleo |

No, I’m Not Perfect Paleo

The Paleo community sometimes gets a lot of flack. There are skeptics who think we’re all too restrictive, we’re crazy, we’re misinformed. At the same time, there’s a lot of pressure from within the community at times. From lashing out at one blogger for using a non-stick skillet to berating others for choosing gluten free over strict paleo, there are always people out there ready and willing to point out another’s flaws.

As a result, I’m going to make sure this is entirely clear.

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Cucumber & Smoked Salmon Snackers with Honey Mustard Sauce |

Cucumber & Smoked Salmon Snackers with Honey Mustard Sauce

Goooood morning! I hope you’re in the mood for some cucumber & smoked salmon snackers today, because they’re on the menu.

I’ve got some news…I created a cooking club!

In real life, I don’t spend a lot of time talking about cooking and my blog. But since many of my friends and acquaintances eventually stumble upon my blog’s social media accounts, I inevitably get questions and comments about my food-filled alter ego. “How do you come up with recipes?” “I wish I had the time/skills/knowledge that you do!” “Can you just make dinner for me?”

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2016 Focus |

Butter Coffee and Beyond: 2016 Focus

In 2015, I posted my resolutions/goals/whatever you want to call them. It’s not a popular post by any means, but I’m fond of it. I found myself re-reading the post every few months throughout 2015 to reflect on where I’m at and if those goals were still part of my path. So even though I’m terribly late this year, I’d like to continue on with my 2016 focus – the goals and thoughts I have about this new year.

Obviously this year started fantastically for me. I kept joking with friends that my New Year’s Resolution would be “Be More Married”, and I already achieved that (I got married on January 1st) so I was done for the year. Cross that off my list and get back to my life! Yeah, I wish.

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