Sesame Plantain Crackers |

Sesame Plantain Crackers

If you’re a longtime reader of this blog, you’ll know about my love of plantains.

If you’re new here, let this serve as your warning: I freaking love plantains. I’ve created multiple plantain recipes in the past, and there will likely be many more plantain recipes in the future of this blog.

Heck, I’m even giving a cooking demo all about plantains.

I’m starting to consider myself The Plantain Queen. As such, I’m proud to share these Sesame Plantain Crackers with you!

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Meet The Kitty Committee

It’s time for something completely different around here. Since it’s National Cat Day, I thought I would introduce the my little crew of cats. This post is going to get lengthy, so grab a cup of coffee and strap in.

Meet The Kitty Committee.
The Kitty Committee |

These are the furballs that rule the apartment. They’ve captured my heart, my partner Tjay’s heart, and the hearts of our friends. Since the cats have enthralled us with their robust personalities and utter cuteness, I’ve taken to calling the three of them The Kitty Committee. Like I said, they basically run the place.

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Tahini Pumpkin Bars |

Tahini Pumpkin Bars

When you get a recipe idea like these tahini pumpkin bars, you share it. It’s that simple.

These are not your standard pumpkin bars. As should be obvious from the title, these are tahini pumpkin bars. They strongly feature that unique tahini flavor, but it marries excellently with pumpkin, making these bars a total winner.

How do you describe tahini? Tahini is a paste made from sesame seeds (think sunflower seed butter, but with sesame seeds). Like many nut butters, it’s quite rich. As far as the flavor…I’ll be honest, I googled a way to describe it. The best result that gave me is “strong sesame flavor”. Oooookay. As long as you know exactly what sesame tastes like, that’s a great descriptor. Unlike most nut butters, tahini doesn’t have a hint of sweet and is instead quite bitter. Many people dislike tahini when they first try it because they’re expecting something akin to almond butter.

But if you’re willing to experiment, tahini can be an excellent pantry addition. I’ve already used it to make halvah cookies (which are amazing and you should definitely make them!). You can also make an exotic salad dressing with tahini and citrus. Or, obviously, modded phat fudge. Basically, there are a lot of delicious ways to use tahini!

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Cherish what you have now. Cherish what you have after.

Cherish What You Have Now. Cherish What You Have After.

I struggled to write this post a little more than I was expecting. I generally don’t share a lot of personal information here, but as I continue blogging I’d like to share a little more about me in addition to the recipes I come up with.

I mentioned in a recent post that I’ve been going through turbulent times. Life’s been a bumpy road the past few weeks, but I’m much more equipped to handle the ride than I’ve ever been before.

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Chai Banana Smoothie |

Madi’s Chai Banana Smoothie

Every autumn, I fall head-over-heels for foods and flavors that stereotypically fit the season – squash, sage, clove, chai. So even before tasting this creamy banana chai smoothie, I knew I would love it simply because it showcases one of my favorite spice blends.

I can’t take full credit for this recipe. I typically don’t follow recipes for smoothies; instead, I throw a banana and whatever I can scrounge up from the fridge in a blender and if it tastes decent, I consider it a success. One recent evening, my brilliant best friend, Madi, texted the recipe for a chai banana smoothie that she came up with. Everything was already in my pantry, so I set out to make it the next day…before I knew it, I was telling my genius girlfriend how amazing she is and begged her to let me share the recipe on my blog. Of course, Madi agreed because she’s a peach.
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