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Butter Coffee and Beyond – ALL The Exciting News

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Hello, friends! I have so much news, it’s simply too much for a text. I insist that we get together for coffee. Butter coffee, to be more specific.

So grab a cup and fix it how you like it. I’ll be having mine with a pinch of cacao and maca – my preferred blend of the moment. Let’s sit down and chat.

I’m sure you can tell how absolutely excited I am, so maybe you ask what’s new with me. I inevitably start rambling.

Late May and June are exhilarating months for me. I tell you how thrilled I am to move…tomorrow! I am so happy to get out of my tiny, sub-basement, one bedroom apartment and into a larger space with a rockin’ kitchen, more natural light, and a balcony. I sheepishly mention how refreshing it will be to live in a place that feels a little more permanent instead of a temporary, college student space. I admit that decorating a space never felt worthwhile before because it didn’t seem permanent. Of course, I’ve already got plans for an herb garden and a few other decorating ideas!

You mention my post on Facebook about a cooking demo. Naturally, I practically lose my shit with how eager I am to talk about it. A grocery store called Natural Grocers is opening in Fargo in June, the first grocery store of its kind in my city. A few months ago they contacted me asking if I would give a cooking demo as part of their weeks-long grand opening events. Of course, I graciously accepted.

Thai Curry Chicken Wings Mise En Place | DoYouEvenPaleo.net

I remind you that it’s June 27, a Saturday, at 12pm. You know, just in case you want to show up. But there might not be room – their demo room seats 47, and a few of my CrossFit coaches have guaranteed they’ll fill the room with CrossFitters! As an introvert, I’m a mix of nervous and excited. You assure me I’ll do fine. I tell you that if you want to come over to the new apartment so I can practice my recipe line-up, you’re absolutely welcome. Another butter coffee date, this time with food!

Since we’re talking about Natural Grocers, I mention that they’ve also invited me to a pre-opening, invite-only luncheon, meant to bring together people passionate about health. I’m excited to learn more about the company! I muse at how odd it feels to be treated like some sort of professional.

What else is new? I recently wrote a guest post and recipe for Paleo Parents, and that was pretty dang exciting. My only regret is that I wasn’t able to buy a DSLR until after – I wish I could have provided nicer pictures! Oh, speaking of that, I just bought my first DSLR (thanks to oodles of help from my wonderful, wonderful partner). It will take a bit of getting used to, but it’s exciting nonetheless. I’m looking forward to creating better-quality pictures for my blog, as well as simply capturing beauty in life.

I dutifully show you a picture I snapped of one of my cats, Marley – he’s definitely the most photogenic.

Meet Marley, the Pirate Cat | DoYouEvenPaleo.net

At this point, I stop gushing about my own life and ask how your life has been.

So tell me – what’s new with you?


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