Chai-Spiced Cold Brew Latte |

Chai-Spiced Cold Brew Latte

The weather’s finally warming up! This chai-spiced cold brew latte is just the thing to celebrate.

When winter quietly softens into spring, my coffee habits change. My standard morning hot coffee (hot coffee is necessary in North Dakota winters because we need something to thaw our frozen veins) shifts to robust, smooth cold brew coffee.

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Homemade Cashew Milk |

Homemade Cashew Milk

Homemade Cashew Milk is a go-to in my kitchen lately. I finally decided to take some pictures and show you how I make mine!

I’ll be honest. More often than not, I’d rather buy non-dairy milk from the store rather than make it myself. With no preservatives or stabilizers, homemade nut milks typically don’t last long in the fridge.

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Dairy Free Maca Hot Chocolate |

Maca Hot Chocolate (Dairy Free)

Curl up with your sweetie and enjoy a rich warm mug of Maca Hot Chocolate. It’s the dairy free date night dessert designed to amp up the fun! (I spent way too long writing that sentence.)

Originally, I wanted to perfect this recipe for Christmas, but I decided to hold off. Why? Well, it makes a bit more sense for Valentine’s Day… after all, maca is purportedly an herbal libido booster. Chocolate + frisky feelings. I can’t think of many other things I’d want for V-Day.

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Ginger Masala Chai |

Ginger Masala Chai Latte

CHAI! Who doesn’t adore chai? Well, I’m a fan, and this homemade ginger masala chai is my morning beverage of choice for the wintry weekend mornings on their way.

Why ginger masala chai? A local coffee shop featured a gingery chai latte in their seasonal rotation. One sip in and I knew I would have to recreate that sharp, spicy flavor at home.

Having never made true masala chai at home, I went searching for basic recipes. And I discovered something. You know how in the US, we call the drink “chai” and leave it at that? We all have an understanding of what we’re getting when we order a chai at a coffee shop. But we’re terribly wrong.

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Paleo Peppermint Hot Chocolate |

Peppermint Hot Chocolate [Guest Post]

Today, I’m excited to welcome Louise Hendon of Paleo Flourish Magazine to my blog! I haven’t had a guest blogger here in a while, but this recipe is worth the dry spell.

Hot chocolate may seem a little out-of-season (it’s summer at the time this was posted), but you’ll be so happy to have this recipe saved when the mornings and evenings are crisp and cool. Plus, I still think hot chocolate is suitable during summer thunderstorms. Comfort food at its finest.

I won’t ramble any longer. Take it away, Louise!

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