How to Make Epic Tacos at Home |

Tacos Every Damn Day: The E-Book Is Finally Here!

Tacos Every Damn Day: 20 Gluten Free & Paleo Taco Recipes for Utterly Epic Tacos.  The e-book I poked and hinted at and teased is finally, FINALLY here.

In this FREE e-book, I show you how to make tacos at home any day (or every day) of the week. With 20 different recipes and endless combinations, you’ll soon be reveling in taco heaven!

Months of work went into this e-book. Not just the recipe creation and pictures, but creating the pages, making it consistent, and giving it a crazy awesome title.

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12 Kitchen Must Haves for the Everyday Cook |

12 Kitchen Must Haves for Everyday Cooking

Armed with these 12 kitchen must haves, I cook quality meals more often and more confidently. Since I’m in the kitchen a LOT, cooking for my family and coming up with new recipes, quality kitchen appliances and tools are central to doing the work and getting the reward of an epic, flavorful dish in the end.

Kitchen appliances, kitchen gadgets, kitchen tools, and kitchen stuff come in all forms. Realistically, there’s no way for even the largest of home kitchens to have EVERYTHING.

Plus, there’s a ton of junk out there. How many times have you gotten some useful-looking kitchen gadget as a gift, only to toss it in a drawer and forget about it for 5 years? Yeah, I’ve been there.

Since many of my readers are fairly new to everyday home cooking, I decided to put together a list of my kitchen essentials.

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7 Tips to Save Money on Groceries and Still Eat Delicious Healthy Meals |

7 Ways to Save Money on Groceries & Still Eat Mouthwatering Paleo Meals

Eat healthy and still save money on groceries? Seems like a total contradiction, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, one of the biggest barriers to healthy eating is not being able to afford healthy groceries… Of course, there’s always the fear that you’ll be able to afford the groceries, but you’ll be stuck eating plain iceberg lettuce out of the bag while crying over your reheated, unseasoned chicken breast. No one wants that!

I completely get it. When I overhauled my diet and went paleo, I was still a full-time college student working part time. I lived alone and paid my own rent. Through some sort of crazy ninja magic, I was able to positively change my diet and even join a CrossFit gym. All the while, I was eating meals my friends envied and my tastebuds became my bff.

Budgeting wasn’t always easy and I certainly didn’t have a lot of leftover cash, but I was determined to make healthy changes in my life.

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