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Tahini Pumpkin Bars

When you get a recipe idea like these tahini pumpkin bars, you share it. It’s that simple.

These are not your standard pumpkin bars. As should be obvious from the title, these are tahini pumpkin bars. They strongly feature that unique tahini flavor, but it marries excellently with pumpkin, making these bars a total winner.

How do you describe tahini? Tahini is a paste made from sesame seeds (think sunflower seed butter, but with sesame seeds). Like many nut butters, it’s quite rich. As far as the flavor…I’ll be honest, I googled a way to describe it. The best result that gave me is “strong sesame flavor”. Oooookay. As long as you know exactly what sesame tastes like, that’s a great descriptor. Unlike most nut butters, tahini doesn’t have a hint of sweet and is instead quite bitter. Many people dislike tahini when they first try it because they’re expecting something akin to almond butter.

But if you’re willing to experiment, tahini can be an excellent pantry addition. I’ve already used it to make halvah cookies (which are amazing and you should definitely make them!). You can also make an exotic salad dressing with tahini and citrus. Or, obviously, modded phat fudge. Basically, there are a lot of delicious ways to use tahini!

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Paleo "Peanut Butter" Cookies | DoYouEvenPaleo.net

3-Ingredient Paleo “Peanut Butter” Cookies

I promised a recipe using the homemade sunflower seed butter I posted last week, and these paleo “peanut butter” cookies are it.

I’m not going to lie: I love peanut butter. I miss it (and still sometimes stuff my face with it). Almond butter seemed like a good replacement at first, but it just doesn’t have that distinctive, robust peanut taste. Enter sunflower seed butter. I knew that many families with peanut-allergic kids used sunflower seed butter, but I was skeptical that it tasted at all like peanut butter.

Then I tried it. I’m a convert.

Sure, if you performed a blind side-by-side taste test, you’d surely be able to tell the difference. But as far as all nut and seed butters go, sunflower seed butter and peanut butter are pretty damn close.

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3-Ingredient Sweet Plantain Cake

3-Ingredient Sweet Plantain Cake

The plantain obsession is real.

I must sound like your friend who just joined CrossFit, because I won’t shut up about plantains lately.

After posting my highly successful plantain patty recipe (seriously, y’all love those patties as much as I do), I knew I needed to do more with plantains, so I came up with a coconut chapo plantain juice and this amazing 3-ingredient sweet plantain cake.

Only 3 ingredients, you ask? Yes, of course, because I’m all about making recipes as simplistic as possible!

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Chocolate Cherry Almond Butter Blondies

Chocolate Cherry Almond Butter Blondies

It’s an exciting time in my life, so why not share an exciting recipe like these chocolate cherry almond butter blondies?

I don’t make many desserts anymore, instead focusing my attentions on quality cooking. Paleo baking is a lot more difficult than traditional baking, and I’m just not as good at baking as I am at cooking. Still, I’ve been obsessed with the chocolate/cherry combo lately (and it’s not even cherry season yet!), and I was daydreaming about the fudgy denseness of a good brownie or blondie…so these happened.

And I’m super glad they did.

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"Modded" Phat Fudge | DoYouEvenPaleo.net

Modded Phat Fudge

Ever heard the phrase “Fat is Phat”? That’s what this fudge is all about. Because fat is good for you. End of story!

Before we get to the recipe, I want to make it perfectly clear right off the bat: I am not the creator of Phat Fudge. Mary, The Paleo Chef, is the genius.

This is simply a modded (modified) recipe that I’ve found I really enjoy and want to share with you! I absolutely don’t want to try and take the credit for the original creation. In fact, I heartily encourage you to check out the original first. Because the original is always best, right? After that, come right back here and check out my version. Make both. Compare. Rejoice at all the delicious phat fudge on your hands.

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