Kohlrabi, Carrot, and Jalapeno Fritters

Kohlrabi, Carrot, and Jalapeño Fritters

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Ever heard of kohlrabi?

It’s an annual vegetable that you may see at your local farmer’s market or receive in your CSA.

It looks weird. Really weird. Which is why I’d never tried it until I involuntarily received it in my weekly CSA share.

Kohlrabi is weird. But also awesome.

*Sigh* I knew this day was coming. Actually, that’s one of the reasons I signed up for a CSA – to try new things. And I have a food blog, so I must like experimenting in the kitchen to some extent. Prepared with a recipe idea and positive thinking, I ended up with these tasty Kohlrabi, Carrot, & Jalapeño Fritters. Success!

Want to learn something interesting about kohlrabi?

The name “kohlrabi” comes from the German word for cabbage (“Kohl”) and turnip (“Rübe”). Which is interesting, because kohlrabi really tastes more like a radish that got its freak on with broccoli. Interesting, nonetheless.

Oh, don’t throw out those kohlrabi greens! They’re definitely edible. They’re a little tough (at least, mine were), but I chopped them up and ate them in a salad with other greens from my CSA. You could also sauté/steam them like you would with other greens. Remember to use lots of ghee. That’s my official key to ah-may-zing sautéed greens.

Want more kohlrabi ideas? As usual, The Kitchn has some excellent ideas for kohlrabi.

Kohlrabi, Carrot, and Jalapeno Fritters | DoYouEvenPaleo.net

These fritters were great. Just great! The jalapeños add some flavor without too much spice. It was an excellent way to use up the kohlrabi I got in my weekly CSA share!

I’m quite pleased with the CSA so far! Lots of variety. Lots in general. I’m often struggling to get through all the produce I’m getting. I only signed up for a half share, since it’s just me eating everything for the most part. There’s just so. much. food.

I guess it doesn’t help that I haven’t been planning meals as much as I would like. It’s taking a little longer than I hoped to get into the swing of things at the new apartment. It’s been a month and a half since we moved in, and although it feels like home, I’m way behind on groceries. Always. I have plenty of veggies from my CSA, but I never have my meat situation figured out. Obviously that’s got to change, because meat is important.

Anyway, enough complaining about food. Food is amazing and should be celebrated!

So let’s celebrate what might be considered weird food with these kohlrabi, carrot, and jalapeño fritters!

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Kohlrabi, Carrot, and Jalapeño Fritters - Not sure what to do with kohlrabi? These simple grain-free fritters might be the answer! | DoYouEvenPaleo.net


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