My 10 Favorite Recipes from 5 Years of Food Blogging

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Want to find out my 10 favorite recipes from my five years of food blogging?

It’s Do You Even Paleo’s five year anniversary! Seemed like the perfect time to go back through my recipes and root out which ones I’m ride or die with.

From pulled pork to my favorite kale recipe of all time and the treats I enjoy in between, this top 10 list certainly has variety!

Happy Fifth Birthday, DYEP!

Five years ago, I started as a creative outlet.

Ever interested in blogging, I had tried before and never stuck with it. But when I started the long and much-needed process of overhauling my life, I thought that jumping into the paleo blogging community would help push me along.

And it did! My big life overhaul led to mega growth and a happier, more confident me.

Along the way, I’ve published hundreds of recipes. Seriously, I’m too lazy to even go back and count the total — I just know it’s a LOT.

Originally, I picked out about 20 recipes as contenders for the list. Then I had to pare it down, which was one helluva challenge. By the end, I had to go through and as myself which recipes I would make over and over again without getting bored — the recipes I would be less happy having never made.

Frankly, I enjoy every. single. recipe. I publish. I eat them all, I faun over them all. If I don’t like a recipe or I’m not willing to make it again, it doesn’t get published. Plain and simple!

So widdling it down to a top 10 was definitely difficult. But I managed.

Before we get into the list, though… Do YOU have a favorite recipe from Do You Even Paleo? I’d love it if you hopped in the comments to let me know what it is!

My 10 Favorite Recipes from 5 Years of Food Blogging

After 5 years of food blogging and hundreds of recipes, I picked out my 10 personal favorites!


My 10 Favorite Recipes from 5 Years of Food Blogging


I'm Chelsea, the author behind Do You Even Paleo! I believe life should be full of flavor. I enjoy creating recipes that are nourishing, flavorful, and satisfying. When not experimenting in the kitchen, I usually have a camera, barbell, or mug of coffee in hand. My posts may include affiliate links, which means if you click through a purchase something, I make a small commission at no cost to you. It helps me fuel my coffee habit and pay rent!

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