4 Ways to Calm Your Mind and Prevent Overwhelm from Taking Over

Take these 4 strategies to heart to help calm your mind and prevent stress from freezing you in your tracks.

We’re living in high-stress times.

Whether you’re feeling financially strained, lonely, cooped up, worried for your health, worried about your loved ones’ health, or worried about the world at large, there’s a lot going on and it can easily become overwhelming.

I’ve caught myself struggling to keep focused, instead worrying about the state of the world right now and the impacts on my life. But gradually, I’m working to calm my mind, reframe my mindset, and keep the stress of the situation from crowding out my motivation.

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Sunbutter Chocolate Coconut Macaroons

Chocolate Coconut Macaroons with SunButter

This blog post and Chocolate Coconut Macaroons recipe are sponsored by SunButter®! All opinions and experiences are my own.

Have you ever made macaroons at home? You’ve got to give them a try — these delicate coconut cookies are surprisingly easy to make!

This version is paleo, gluten free, low carb, nut free, and dairy free. Plus, I fold in Sunbutter to make a peanut-allergy-friendly chocolate “PB” creation.

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