Roasted Beets with Parsley |

Roasted Beets with Parsley

This summer, I discovered something groundbreaking about my man spouse—he loves beets.

I found this out one day when I roasted a hefty tray of beets for dinner. I usually buy and prep veggies that I want, because the hubs doesn’t always want to eat what I make. You see, he currently works in the produce department of a local health food store. He eats fresh, organic produce all day long at work. (He’s admitted to eating 3 bunches of radishes in a day. Kid might have a problem.)

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Mocha Avocado Cream Pie |

Mocha Avocado Cream Pie

This Mocha Avocado Cream Pie is perfect for the hot & heavy days of summer.

The last thing you want to do is turn on the oven when the heat index is inching towards the 100s, and luckily this pie requires absolutely no heat (unless you want to be a pro and toast the almonds). That’s a win in my book!

The filling is thick, rich, and smooth—reminiscent of a french silk pie. A 3 ingredient salted almond crust rounds out the dense filling. All in all, this mocha avocado cream pie is simple and devilishly good.

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Pepperoncini Shredded Beef |

Pepperoncini Shredded Beef Roast

Ever heard of a Mississippi Roast? This Pepperoncini Shredded Beef Roast is 100% based on that.

What’s that mean, exactly? Flavorful beef that simmers in a rich sauce in your slow cooker all day. Once you touch it, it practically shreds itself! This shredded beef is incredibly tender, and you can use it for just about anything—sandwiches, stuffed sweet potatoes, or on its own.

Oh, and the flavor…bold and rich. Your tastebuds will immediately sing the praises of this dish!

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Paleo Peppermint Hot Chocolate |

Peppermint Hot Chocolate [Guest Post]

Today, I’m excited to welcome Louise Hendon of Paleo Flourish Magazine to my blog! I haven’t had a guest blogger here in a while, but this recipe is worth the dry spell.

Hot chocolate may seem a little out-of-season (it’s summer at the time this was posted), but you’ll be so happy to have this recipe saved when the mornings and evenings are crisp and cool. Plus, I still think hot chocolate is suitable during summer thunderstorms. Comfort food at its finest.

I won’t ramble any longer. Take it away, Louise!

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CrossFitters Aren't Normal |

CrossFitters Aren’t Normal

Having dinner with my family, I joked about how introverted my husband is. Whenever I try to introduce him to my CrossFit family, he jokes that he doesn’t want to be friends with “those people”. Unfortunately, my sister latched onto that line: “I wouldn’t want to be friends with those people either.”

Me: “Why not? They’re normal people. Some of the nicest people I know.”

Sister: “They’re not normal people.”

This threatened to ignite a fire because I knew she meant it negatively. There’s something wrong with people who work out regularly and enjoy it, to her. Especially CrossFitters – we drank the Kool-Aid, we joined a cult. We’re not normal.

I changed the subject to avoid an argument we’ve had before, but in my head I was firing off retorts (starting with something I’ve wondered frequently when talking to her: “can’t you support my activity in something that obviously makes me happier?”). Until I realized that she was right. We aren’t normal. But perhaps not in the way she meant.

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