Lemon Rosemary Salt | DoYouEvenPaleo.net

Lemon Rosemary Salt

Flavored salts seem fancy—but this lemon rosemary salt couldn’t be easier. This combo makes a crowd-pleasing rub for roast chicken & countless other dishes!

I’m eager to share this recipe because learning to cook from scratch can be daunting. Many people assume that healthy home-cooked meals are equivalent to returning to a desk job on Monday morning to mindlessly stare at a computer screen for hours.

It doesn’t have to be that bland and boring. Trust me.

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Grilled Pork Chops with Shallot Ghee | DoYouEvenPaleo.net

Grilled Pork Chops with Shallot Ghee

What’s one of the most basic recipes to add to your repertoire as you learn to master the grill? Grilled pork chops, hands down.

My version takes a very simple approach; just rub the pork chops with an oil and aromatic herb blend, grill, and top with a shallot and ghee mixture.

Now, I definitely have a long way to go before I can call myself a “grill master”, but I’m definitely having a blast with the new grill my man spouse and I bought.

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Coconut Fudge Bars | DoYouEvenPaleo.net

Coconut Fudge Bars

It’s my birthday week! *cue streamers and party hats* And I want to share these coconut fudge bars with you to celebrate.

Since it’s not practical to make dozens of batches and mail you each your own personal coconut fudge bar (although how awesome would that be??), just providing the recipe will have to do. Which is probably better anyway because you’ll definitely want a full tray of these hanging around after you try them.

These coconut fudge bars are the bomb.

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I'm on a mission to spread positivity. Join me? | DoYouEvenPaleo.net

A Small Way to Spread Positivity One Smile at A Time

I’m in a new mission: spread positivity. Lately, I’ve found myself thinking a lot about positivity and the internet. I think about how negative messages spread like wildfire and cut deep, whereas positive messages are few and far between.

The most vocal voices always seem to be negative

If you’re a blogger, I’m sure you know what I mean. But beyond social media and the internet, it’s in our work relationships and our personal relationships IRL. Negativity and complaints are vocalized, but even the simplest messages of positivity are kept to ourselves.

Most people aren’t trying to pump negativity out into the world. I mean, I think we can all agree that we’d like the world to be a more positive place. And I’ve been feeling like maybe I can do a little more.

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Brats with Grilled Onions & Peppers | DoYouEvenPaleo.net

Brats with Grilled Peppers & Onions

Temperatures are consistently above 40° F and sun is shining at least part of the day. Time to bust out the grill in North Dakota!

I’m so excited to grill out this year and I’ve got a slew of grill recipe ideas to back up that excitement. One of the first things I made this year? Brats with grilled peppers & onions (a.k.a. the recipe you’re here for).

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