Sautéed Cabbage with Leeks |

Sautéed Cabbage with Leeks & Seeds

Creating (and loving) this recipe for sautéed cabbage with leeks & seeds helped me realize that I really need more veggies in my life.

I’m sure a lot of us could say that with 100% conviction. I mean, let’s face it, is there a downside to eating more vegetables? No. No, there’s not. Who’s going to enjoy a bite of expertly-prepared veggies and say “this tastes amazing, but I really don’t need more essential vitamins and minerals in my life. Pass.”

No one, that’s who.

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Top 3 Paleo Protein Bars |

My Top 3 Paleo Protein Bars

It’s high time I share some of my favorite things with you, starting with my 3 favorite paleo protein bars!

I don’t cook all the time. *gasp*

I know. What a confession, right? There are numerous times throughout the week that I’m busier than I thought I would be and just don’t have any food prepared. Or, equally likely, nothing in the fridge looks good but I still want to grab a bite before or after CrossFit.

So I take a look into my little snack basket (a wicker basket in my pantry where I throw all the grab-and-go stuff) and *Da-na-na-NAAA* snatch up a paleo protein bar. Yum!

We’re pretty fortunate to be surrounded by small businesses that embrace the real food movement and appreciate the paleo template. There are a myriad of options for go-to paleo snacking and protein bars, and after trying a good chunk of them I’ve found my favorites. I truly enjoy trying new food and products whenever I can get my hands on them, but these 3 bars are the ones I know I can always fall back on.

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Classy Vegetable Casserole |

Classy Vegetable Casserole

Stop whatever you’re doing right now and take a look at this gorgeously-presented classy vegetable casserole.

Now throw out all your plans for serving your holiday dinner sides and choose this method.

I mean, I don’t even care if you use the recipes I’ve provided. Just steal the method and serve whatever veggies you planned to serve, but striped in a cute casserole dish like this. Okay, I might be a little biased because I made this, but how can you possibly say no to veggies on your plate when they’re served up to you this way?

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Gingerbread Plantain Cake with Maple Cashew Frosting

Gingerbread Plantain Cake + Maple Cashew Frosting

Well, I asked which recipe you wanted this week, and you resoundingly begged for the gingerbread plantain cake with maple cashew frosting.

I can’t really blame you. It takes a few of my favorite things (molasses, plantains, maple syrup) and marries them together in a nutritiously dense holiday cake.

Oh, and speaking of marriage… (I actually didn’t plan that segway. It just happened. Score!)

It’s actually perfect that you asked for this gingerbread cake recipe, because it’s the perfect way to announce that I’m marrying my favorite person (a.k.a. Tjay) on New Year’s Day! Cue the confetti and balloons. You’d think that this was a long time coming, but we actually decided to get married about a month ago…You know, I actually think the story deserves it’s own post. I’ll get right on that.

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Maple Mustard Salmon |

Maple Mustard Salmon

I’m the kind of person that truly enjoys the simple things in life. A cool, sunny morning. A hot cup of coffee. Lots of ghee and maple syrup. Together. Over salmon.

People tend to gravitate towards the flavors they like, and I’ve got a crush on ghee and maple syrup. Ghee’s nutty, buttery flavor would make cardboard taste amazing. And maple syrup is my go-to paleo sweetener, since honey tends to make my stomach hurt. Naturally, I combine ghee and maple syrup whenever possible, and that’s one of the reasons this Maple Mustard Salmon was born.

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