Maple Mustard Salmon |

Maple Mustard Salmon

I’m the kind of person that truly enjoys the simple things in life. A cool, sunny morning. A hot cup of coffee. Lots of ghee and maple syrup. Together. Over salmon.

People tend to gravitate towards the flavors they like, and I’ve got a crush on ghee and maple syrup. Ghee’s nutty, buttery flavor would make cardboard taste amazing. And maple syrup is my go-to paleo sweetener, since honey tends to make my stomach hurt. Naturally, I combine ghee and maple syrup whenever possible, and that’s one of the reasons this Maple Mustard Salmon was born.

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Cinnamon Roll Nut Butter from Paleo Home Cooking |

Paleo Home Cooking Review + Cinnamon Roll Nut Butter Recipe

This review of Paleo Home Cooking by Sonia Lacasse is long overdue.

I wish I’d run to the computer after my first look through the cookbook (in which I dog-eared well over a dozen pages to come back to ) just to gush about the beauty of the book. I wish my first action after trying the first recipe was to dump all of my praise into a post and hit publish just so everyone knew that even that one recipe made the whole book worth purchasing.

But, logic held me back. In order to give a cookbook a good review, I feel that you at least need to try a couple different types of recipes. Any less and you’re just cutting it short. Then, life happened, and I had to put the review on hold even though a few recipes from Paleo Home Cooking had already become weekly staples.

So now that I finally have time to collect my thoughts and pictures on Paleo Home Cooking, here is my review.

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Sesame Plantain Crackers |

Sesame Plantain Crackers

If you’re a longtime reader of this blog, you’ll know about my love of plantains.

If you’re new here, let this serve as your warning: I freaking love plantains. I’ve created multiple plantain recipes in the past, and there will likely be many more plantain recipes in the future of this blog.

Heck, I’m even giving a cooking demo all about plantains.

I’m starting to consider myself The Plantain Queen. As such, I’m proud to share these Sesame Plantain Crackers with you!

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Meet The Kitty Committee

It’s time for something completely different around here. Since it’s National Cat Day, I thought I would introduce the my little crew of cats. This post is going to get lengthy, so grab a cup of coffee and strap in.

Meet The Kitty Committee.
The Kitty Committee |

These are the furballs that rule the apartment. They’ve captured my heart, my partner Tjay’s heart, and the hearts of our friends. Since the cats have enthralled us with their robust personalities and utter cuteness, I’ve taken to calling the three of them The Kitty Committee. Like I said, they basically run the place.

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Tahini Pumpkin Bars |

Tahini Pumpkin Bars

When you get a recipe idea like these tahini pumpkin bars, you share it. It’s that simple.

These are not your standard pumpkin bars. As should be obvious from the title, these are tahini pumpkin bars. They strongly feature that unique tahini flavor, but it marries excellently with pumpkin, making these bars a total winner.

How do you describe tahini? Tahini is a paste made from sesame seeds (think sunflower seed butter, but with sesame seeds). Like many nut butters, it’s quite rich. As far as the flavor…I’ll be honest, I googled a way to describe it. The best result that gave me is “strong sesame flavor”. Oooookay. As long as you know exactly what sesame tastes like, that’s a great descriptor. Unlike most nut butters, tahini doesn’t have a hint of sweet and is instead quite bitter. Many people dislike tahini when they first try it because they’re expecting something akin to almond butter.

But if you’re willing to experiment, tahini can be an excellent pantry addition. I’ve already used it to make halvah cookies (which are amazing and you should definitely make them!). You can also make an exotic salad dressing with tahini and citrus. Or, obviously, modded phat fudge. Basically, there are a lot of delicious ways to use tahini!

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