6 Most Frustrating Reactions When People Find Out I’m Paleo

You’re paleo. Hooray! We’re like-minded people, you and I. But not everyone thinks the way we do. No doubt you’ve been subject to a host of frustrating questions and reactions when your non-paleo friends and acquaintances find out how you eat. I’ve been there. I’ve definitely been there.

So, in a half-lighthearted, half-ranty way, I decided to compile the 6 most frustrating reactions when people find out I’m paleo.

6 Most Frustrating Reactions Paleo

It’s worth noting, I guess, that I never introduce myself to someone as “Hi, I’m Chelsea and I eat paleo.” Usually, people find out down the road when we go out to eat or when the subject of food naturally comes up in conversation. You see, I’m not a big fan of labels. Most of these responses are due to misconceptions that people have attached to a label. Obviously not everyone reacts this way, but these have happened often enough that I’ve gotten frustrated. And I don’t even talk to that many people.


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Chia Energy Bars

Spiced Chocolate Chia Energy Bars

Sometimes I really just want chocolate. I mean, who doesn’t? People that don’t like chocolate, I guess. But those people are kind of weird and you should be a little suspicious of them.

The problem with chocolate, though, is that on its own it’s not super great for you or very filling. I’m not really one of those “oh, I’ll only have one bite of this dark chocolate bar and I’m good” kind of people. I’m not really a “I can’t help myself and I’m going to stuff my face with chocolate” person, either. Perhaps I just like experimenting too much, so I just throw cacao powder at things hoping it tastes good. Well, whatever the reason, I came up with these Spiced Chocolate Chia Energy Bars, and they were chocolatey and delicious enough to share with all of you!

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2015 Resolutions – Goals – Whatever You Want To Call Them

I’ve never really been one for making resolutions with the new year. There’s a huge stereotype out there that people make resolutions and never follow through. I mean, we’ve all heard that. Many of us have probably made resolutions and not stuck to them at all. Hey, we’re human (I hope).

Plus, too many humans use January 1st as an excuse for continuing bad habits now. For example…how many people thought in December, “Well, my 2015 resolution is to lose weight, but until then I’m going to stuff my face with pizza and beer!”. To me, that’s kind of setting yourself up for failure. Why wait? If you really want to commit to something, you’ll start tomorrow. Or today.

Okay, maybe the above paragraphs weren’t the best way to start off a post about positive new year resolutions.

Lucky for me, this is my blog and I do what I want.

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Curried Delicata Squash

Curried Delicata Squash

First off, Happy New Year’s Eve! Hopefully 2015 is filled with awesome things for you!

I discovered two spectacular components of this Curried Delicata Squash only a few short months ago — curry powder and delicata squash. Weird, right?

I didn’t eat my first curry until I was 24 years old (in 2014), and I can easily say that I was missing out on something wonderful my entire life. I grew up loving squash, but my mom always bought acorn or buttercup squash for us to share, and smaller squash varieties like delicata or sweet dumpling were “gourds” that were bought for decoration. I honestly shudder to think of all the delicious and versatile squash that’s bought to rot each year because people think it looks pretty but don’t know how to prepare it!

Hopefully, this recipe will get someone out there to try eating delicata squash instead of discarding it as a kitchen decoration.

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Browned Butter Sage Sweet Potatoes and Apples

Browned Butter Sage Sweet Potatoes and Apples

In the winter, warm side dishes like these Sage Sweet Potatoes and Apples are total favorites of mine. I mean, is there anything about that recipe name that doesn’t scream comfort food?

Winter can be a struggle for me. Let’s just say that Seasonal Affective Disorder is definitely a thing, and it affects a lot of people whether they realize it or not. I certainly recognize it this winter. I feel incredibly lazy, and most of the time I just want to lie around. It’s just not a fun time.

To make it worse, I live in North Dakota.

That may not immediately inspire empathy, but hear me out. Normally this time of year, we’re dealing with -20 degree weather. Every. Single. Day.

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