Plantain Bacon and Kale Hash

Plantain, Bacon, and Kale Hash

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What’s the ideal way to start your day?

Some might start a debate between pancakes and waffles (newsflash: there will never be a winner). Some might pine over a bowl of oatmeal. Some might dive into a monologue about the ideal muffin.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

The best morning meal has got to be a good breakfast hash.*

*Note: this is based entirely on my own personal opinion. You can think whatever you want.

Well…a good breakfast hash and a strong cup of light roast coffee. This recipe for plantain, bacon, and kale hash will get you halfway there.

This recipe takes a couple foods that act as dependable fall-backs (plantains and bacon) and combines it with something I had a surplus of thanks to an over-generous friend (kale). Kale is not inherently a preferred leafy green of mine, but combining it with other foods I love definitely makes it more palatable.

We all know I’m team plantain right now.

And we all know bacon provides satiating umami-ness.

And we all know hashes are pretty damn awesome.

Plantain, Bacon, & Kale Hash |

If you didn’t know that, then please get the fuck to the kitchen and make this hash. Or make a different hash. I don’t care. Everyone’s got to realize how epic they are.

I love hashes because they’re quick, easy, and versatile. They usually involve veggies and protein, which means you’re starting your day off filled with a nutrient-dense meal. That’s nothing to be bummed about.

What I am bummed about is how these pictures turned out. I still have a lot to learn with my DSLR – luckily, every use is a learning experience. I feel like I’m getting better, but when I went back to select the pictures for this post I found myself wholly unimpressed. I might as well have used my phone. Still, I didn’t have the ingredients on hand to re-make the hash and take new pictures (I’m kind of on a plantain freeze right now. Woe is me!) and I was determined to get a new recipe up, so I’ll just have to live with it.

I’ve learned a lot just through using my camera, but I know I’d benefit from taking a class or reading a book…so I may do that when I finally find some spare time. I am managing an annual event in a couple weeks, and

Trust me, next week’s recipe is much prettier. But don’t let the sub-par pictures stop you from making this hash. Frankly, it’s an excellent way to use unripe plantains (it’s not a sweet plantain recipe, for once!) and get some greens in your gut first thing in the morning.

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Plantain, Bacon, & Kale Hash |


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