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Summer Beet Salad with Honey & Mint [Raw or Roasted]

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Despite what many marketing emails would have you believe, autumn isn’t here yet. There’s still a bit of time to enjoy this minimalistic Summer Beet Salad before everything turns pumpkin-flavored!

Before we get to the recipe, I have to confess that I’ve been in a bit of a funk. A couple weekends ago I visited my best friend in Columbia, Missouri, and had a magical time. I hadn’t seen this special lady for almost a year, and each moment I got to spend with her was comforting and happy.

After four days, though, I had to return to my normal life. Now I feel like I’m experiencing best friend withdrawal (B.F.W for short). I sit around the apartment, not wanting to do anything because I just want to be back in Columbia.

Unfortunately, that’s meant that my arsenal of recipes has been gathering dust. I always strive to have a handful of recipes that I’m confident to share, but writing the posts has been a roadblock recently. Not to mention the events and other engagements I’ve committed my time to, which generally gets in the way of blogging.

Really, between B.F.W. and weekend commitments, it’s a wonder that I’m writing up this post at all! Not that I’m complaining. This blog is a hobby for me, and sometimes hobbies just have to take a backseat to the rest of life. Actually, I’m grateful that I’m able to step back from time to time and refresh myself from thinking I have to post something.

That said, autumn will be here in less than a month, and many of the recipes I’ve been creating are meant for summer. So if I still want them to be relevant…Summer Beet Salad with fresh mint and honey |

I made this summer beet salad as a quick and easy snack when beets first started showing up in my CSA. It was a hit on Instagram, so I decided to share it here, too!

After getting some feedback that the salad is great with roasted beets, too, I tested that out and decided to just share both. I personally enjoy this salad raw – I don’t heat up my apartment by using the oven and raw beets provide a satisfying crunch to each bite. However, I know that some just don’t like the flavor of raw beets…so rest assured, there’s a version for you.

I added goat cheese when I made this. Obviously, that’s not strict paleo. If you can’t tolerate dairy or just don’t want it, you can easily omit it. I love the beet and goat cheese combo, but this will still taste great with drizzled honey and fresh mint!

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Summer Beet Salad | | This minimalistic summer salad features raw or roasted beets, fresh mint, a drizzle of honey, chopped pecans, and goat cheese (although you can omit the goat cheese for paleo)!


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