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Butter Coffee and Beyond – ALL The Exciting News

Hello, friends! I have so much news, it’s simply too much for a text. I insist that we get together for coffee. Butter coffee, to be more specific.

So grab a cup and fix it how you like it. I’ll be having mine with a pinch of cacao and maca – my preferred blend of the moment. Let’s sit down and chat.

I’m sure you can tell how absolutely excited I am, so maybe you ask what’s new with me. I inevitably start rambling.

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Butter Coffee and Beyond at DoYouEvenPaleo.net

Butter Coffee and Beyond: My #NutButterInAvo Obsession

Hey, you! Glad you’re here. Sit down. Let’s take some time to unwind. I’ll whip up a butter coffee for you and we can chat!

I’m introducing something brand new to the blog! Butter Coffee and Beyond! It’s really the first ongoing series here at Do You Even Paleo.

Butter Coffee and Beyond | DoYouEvenPaleo.net


Doesn’t the graphic for it look awesome? I’m super excited to make this a thing. What will Butter Coffee and Beyond be? Well, the posts will be more lifestyle-centric. Not as much focus on recipes, but it might feature my favorite snacks, CrossFit stories, paleo/gluten free products, the stuff I’m doing to stay happy and healthy beyond food.

I would also like Butter Coffee and Beyond to create more of a conversation between you and me. I named the series Butter Coffee and Beyond because I think the best conversations happen over coffee (or, if you don’t do caffeine…tea, hot chocolate, kombucha, whatever). When you’re sharing a delicious beverage with someone, you each tend to open up and grow closer. I hope I’m at least somewhat able to replicate that cozy, personal atmosphere of a small local coffee shop.

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