No, I'm Not Perfect Paleo |

No, I’m Not Perfect Paleo

The Paleo community sometimes gets a lot of flack. There are skeptics who think we’re all too restrictive, we’re crazy, we’re misinformed. At the same time, there’s a lot of pressure from within the community at times. From lashing out at one blogger for using a non-stick skillet to berating others for choosing gluten free over strict paleo, there are always people out there ready and willing to point out another’s flaws.

As a result, I’m going to make sure this is entirely clear.

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My Non-Traditional Wedding

How A Burst Appendix Led to A Wedding in A Pizzeria

“We’ll just have to wait for 2017.”

I tried to say these words facetiously. Since rushing to the hospital, this was our first moment alone together. Him in a hospital gown, strung up with medical equipment, awaiting an unplanned surgery for a ruptured appendix. Me sitting at his side, leaving work and dropping all other plans to be with him.

I couldn’t have said anything worse. His face clouded and he shuttered his thoughts.

I’d been talking about marriage.

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Meet The Kitty Committee

It’s time for something completely different around here. Since it’s National Cat Day, I thought I would introduce the my little crew of cats. This post is going to get lengthy, so grab a cup of coffee and strap in.

Meet The Kitty Committee.
The Kitty Committee |

These are the furballs that rule the apartment. They’ve captured my heart, my partner Tjay’s heart, and the hearts of our friends. Since the cats have enthralled us with their robust personalities and utter cuteness, I’ve taken to calling the three of them The Kitty Committee. Like I said, they basically run the place.

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Overcoming Paleo Perfectionism

Overcoming Paleo Perfectionism [A Guest Post]

Hey everyone! My internet friend Jess offered to write a guest post for my blog – how awesome is that?! She recently revamped her blog, focusing now on self love and overcoming diet perfectionism. Both are extremely important topics that I have been itching to write about, but Jess beat me to it and I’d love for her to take the stage. Be sure to visit Jessica’s website for more insights!


My name is Jessica and I am a recovering paleo perfectionist. I recently shared my story on my site, Seek Your Journey, and I want to share some tips with you if you find yourself similarly struggling.

Paleo perfectionism is a tough topic to tackle sometimes because it is so rooted in “health”, and there’s a fine line between “health” and obsession and fear these days. I’ll admit, I was terrified of eating certain foods because of the potential health consequences that I’d read so much about in all my paleo books.

But you see, the real root cause of my paleo perfectionism wasn’t due to seeking optimal health. I don’t have celiac disease or any real food sensitivities that manifest immediately, therefore I really didn’t need to be so scared. I’m 21 years old and have always been in pretty good health. The real root of paleo perfectionism is fear. Well, fear and other deep-seated emotional issues.

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Enjoying Life Guilt-Free: Stop the Glorification of Busy

Enjoying Life Guilt-Free: Stopping the Glorification of Busy

In a recent conversation with my sister, she announced to me that she decided to take a year off from her PhD program. She had been thinking about this for a while, but finally made a firm decision about it. I’m proud of her. Frankly, she has been so stressed out working part time, teaching, and going to classes that she was obviously pretty unhappy.

But when my sister started voicing her concerns about stress and not having time to enjoy the things she loves to colleagues and professors, she received largely the same response: “You’re a grad student. You aren’t supposed to have free time.”

Does anyone else realize how ridiculous that sounds?

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