Woman holding a coffee cup with the text "I Like His Beard"

Coffee Conversations – January

It’s time to chat! I’m happy to debut this new monthly post, where we get together for some coffee and conversation.

I’ve long yearned to get a little more personal on my website. Recipes will always be a staple here, but they often aren’t the best portal for connection. I want to get raw, honest, and sometimes mundane. And so, with heaping scoop of inspiration from some other bloggers who write similar posts…

What better way to do that than a coffee date?

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Top 9 Books of 2018 - image of books stacked on top of each other | DoYouEvenPaleo.net

Top 9 Books of 2018

As we inch closer to a new year, I’m sharing my top 9 books of 2018 with all of you!

In between wedding photography, testing and photographing recipes, writing blog posts, playing video game with the man spouse, and lifting weights at the gym, I consider myself a fairly avid reader.

Around 3rd grade, I declared to my parents that I wanted to be a book editor simply because I wanted to read for a living. That ship sailed once I realized that reading isn’t all a book editor does!

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