An orange cat (Marley) and grey cat (Waffles) laying on a white bed

Coffee Conversations – March 2019

Want to have a coffee date with me? Let’s do it! Pour yourself a cup and settle in.

If we met up for coffee in real life, I’d order a cafe miel (honey cinnamon latte). What would you order? Maybe a chai, maybe a vanilla latte. Or maybe you’ve already made the switch to iced coffee?

At any rate, we’d probably dive in to a conversation right away. And here’s all the life updates I’d have for you:

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How to Simplify Your Life (10 Ways to Stress Less)

Let’s be honest: You’ve got a bit of stress and craziness in your life. That’s likely why you’re here — for strategies on how to simplify your life!

I guarantee you — a simpler life is attainable. These 10 ways to stress less and live more simply are excellent steps to get there.

All of these simple living tips have made a huge impact on my life.

I’m happier. More focused. More laid-back and carefree. There’s just not as much to stress about now I’ve adopted these simple living practices!

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