Two pieces of gluten free toast and a mug of coffee

Coffee Conversations – December 2019

December — our last Coffee Conversations for the year! This year has been A LOT for everyone, I imagine. And while I’m not going to sum up the entire year, there’s definitely enough going on in my life right now talk about.

From searching for a house, to taking a simpler approach to the holidays, and all the things on my reading list right now. Grab a cup of tea (I’m currently sipping on licorice tea) and let’s get to talking.

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Orange cat on a lawn chair

Coffee Conversations – July 2019

The last day of the month, and I’m sneaking in for our monthly coffee conversations.

This will be one of those coffee dates where I order a black coffee to go, ready to dash out the door as soon as our time together is up. I’ll apologize immensely for being so harried — typically I prefer long, unrushed conversations, but it’s not in the cards this month.

Hopefully you’ve already got your drink of choice on hand, because we’re diving right in.

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Smiling woman and potted snake plant

Best Indoor Plants to Purify the Air and Keep Pets Safe

This post rounds up the top 5 indoor plants that are both pet-friendly and perfect for purifying the air in your home!

We don’t often think about the air quality inside our homes.

Sure, almost every weather service now gives a report on OUTSIDE air pollution, but we tend to assume our homes are safe little pockets of clean air.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Hairspray, our furniture, cleaning supplies, and even cooking can cause crazy spikes to the air pollution of our homes — enough to rival the most polluted city in the world and potentially cause disproportionate health effects.

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