An Amazing Grocery Store Just Opened in Fargo – Natural Grocers

Something truly, truly awesome just happened in Fargo, ND on June 9 – Natural Grocers officially opened its doors!

Natural Grocers Produce | All organic produce at the new Natural Grocers in Fargo |

I can hardly contain my excitement for this grocery store opening in Fargo. There are plenty of great reasons why. This post might get kind of long, but bear with me. Plus, even though I won’t go into great detail about the paleo and gluten-free products available at the Fargo Natural Grocers, I plan to eventually write up a more detailed shopping guide.

For the time being, read on for why the Fargo Natural Grocers will be my store of choice for Paleo shopping.

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PR Attempt Motivation - CrossFit, Lifting

If You Failed A PR Attempt Today, You Need To Read This

I’m writing this after back squat 1RM day. I shared a bar with one of my beloved coaches. I crushed it. I happily got a 10# PR. My coach, on the other hand, tried and failed 3 attempts. She was crushed, almost to tears. I’m unskilled at these situations, so I didn’t say much other than “it’s all right, you’ll get it next time”. But I can’t shake the urge to say more. Here’s everything I wish I would have said – something motivational, inspirational, about CrossFit and lifting. Perhaps it will lift you up. I need to hear this on occasion, too.


And you are not defined by the weight on that bar.

It sucks that you didn’t get your PR. No one would be happy in that situation. Need to cry about it? Then cry. That’s fine – no shame. This sport is emotional.

But don’t, not even for a second, beat yourself up about it. Don’t put yourself down. Don’t degrade yourself. You are so much better than that. You’re awesome.

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i Went On An Adventure - and I didn't like where I ended up but it was awesome

I Went On An Adventure – And I Didn’t Like Where I Ended Up

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I went on a “vacation” recently with my partner. I’m finally taking the time to chronicle that time away.

Spoiler alert: I didn’t like where we ended up. But, I still had a wonderful and memorable time, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

But that’s why I’ve taken to calling my vacations “adventures”.

Here’s the play-by-play…which you’ll notice is mainly illustrated with food. That’s my life!

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Enjoying Life Guilt-Free: Stop the Glorification of Busy

Enjoying Life Guilt-Free: Stopping the Glorification of Busy

In a recent conversation with my sister, she announced to me that she decided to take a year off from her PhD program. She had been thinking about this for a while, but finally made a firm decision about it. I’m proud of her. Frankly, she has been so stressed out working part time, teaching, and going to classes that she was obviously pretty unhappy.

But when my sister started voicing her concerns about stress and not having time to enjoy the things she loves to colleagues and professors, she received largely the same response: “You’re a grad student. You aren’t supposed to have free time.”

Does anyone else realize how ridiculous that sounds?

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Butter Coffee and Beyond at

Butter Coffee and Beyond: My #NutButterInAvo Obsession

Hey, you! Glad you’re here. Sit down. Let’s take some time to unwind. I’ll whip up a butter coffee for you and we can chat!

I’m introducing something brand new to the blog! Butter Coffee and Beyond! It’s really the first ongoing series here at Do You Even Paleo.

Butter Coffee and Beyond |


Doesn’t the graphic for it look awesome? I’m super excited to make this a thing. What will Butter Coffee and Beyond be? Well, the posts will be more lifestyle-centric. Not as much focus on recipes, but it might feature my favorite snacks, CrossFit stories, paleo/gluten free products, the stuff I’m doing to stay happy and healthy beyond food.

I would also like Butter Coffee and Beyond to create more of a conversation between you and me. I named the series Butter Coffee and Beyond because I think the best conversations happen over coffee (or, if you don’t do caffeine…tea, hot chocolate, kombucha, whatever). When you’re sharing a delicious beverage with someone, you each tend to open up and grow closer. I hope I’m at least somewhat able to replicate that cozy, personal atmosphere of a small local coffee shop.

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