Writing About Life (and) Things

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Writing About Life (and) Things

As you can see from the timestamps on my posts, it’s been quite a while since I’ve updated.

Among my list of excuses are (1) new job that forced me to adopt a new (“normal”) sleeping schedule, (2) focusing on strengthening and fostering current and new friendships, (3) a lack of success in the kitchen.

But enough with the excuses. The main reason there haven’t been many posts is that I’ve been wondering what to do with this site.

I mean, it’s mine. I can do whatever I want. But, at the same time, I set out to do something rather specific with it (food blogging).

But I don’t think that quite cuts it.

I love the paleo food blogging community. Paleo food bloggers are incredibly talented and take photos so brilliant my knees shake just looking at them. And maybe I’m just reading the wrong paleo blogs and am missing all the life posts, but just posting pictures and recipes is not what I want to do (I don’t think).

I know next to nothing about food photography, and don’t have a fancy camera. When I do happen to come up with a good recipe, it’s luck at best. I’m not a nutritionist or a dietitian (even though I’m more knowledgeable about food and nutrition than the average person).

But I still feel like I have something to share with the paleo community despite those shortcomings. I have positivity, gratefulness, and confidence to spread. I have a journey that I can share.

I still plan on posting recipes and continuing to be a “wannabe” food blogger, but that won’t be it. I’ll also be updating about my life, journey, thoughts, trials, challenges, and other things, whether or not I have a recipe to go with it.

I don’t think I have any readers currently, so it’s not as if this will be a big, groundbreaking change! I just wanted to put it out there to make myself more accountable for updating this blog (because let’s face it, I paid money for hosting and have put a ton of time into this already).

In other news, I now have the option for you to subscribe to my newsletter! Not sure when I’ll ever send one out, but if you’d like to receive something via email eventually, feel free to subscribe on the right.

That said, I’m looking to connect with other healthy bloggers and readers, so please leave a comment and share your site/thoughts with me! If I like what I see, I’ll do my best to follow your journey, too. 🙂


I'm Chelsea, the author behind Do You Even Paleo! I believe life should be full of flavor. I enjoy creating recipes that are nourishing, flavorful, and satisfying. When not experimenting in the kitchen, I usually have a camera, barbell, or mug of coffee in hand. My posts may include affiliate links, which means if you click through a purchase something, I make a small commission at no cost to you. It helps me fuel my coffee habit and pay rent!

2 thoughts to “Writing About Life (and) Things”

  1. Hey Chelsea!
    I just started following you on Instagram and finally got a chance to check out your blog. Congrats on your new direction! How exciting. I also recently started my blog and I’m trying to strike a balance between writing about food and writing about health/wellness.

    I don’t know how interested you are in the primal lifestyle, but expanding your site to cover more about what it means to live a paleo/primal lifestyle (as opposed to just eat paleo) might be something to consider. That’s something I’m personally interested in reading about, at least :).

    Best of luck! And feel free to reach out if you ever feel like collaborating with a fellow paleo pal!

    1. You are too sweet! I’m definitely going to keep tabs on your site. Thank you for stopping by, and I hope I can continue to interest you. 😉

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